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Transition Day 2

Again we welcome back our new Early Years Class. Our aim is to make them feel happy and secure and to help facilitate new friendships. This year our children are transiting from 17 nursery providers. Although we try and visit as many as possible we physically cannot juggle all the different times and dates the children attend. 

We are however looking forward to reading transition reports and talking with key workers.

Have a look at one of our focused activities. We are making sheep cupcakes. Look at the focus, concentration and fun we are having.

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First Transition Day

 What a super day we have had in Rabbit’s Class. Today we welcomed our new class to come and stay for a taster session. The children came in 2 groups, a morning group and an afternoon group. They got to have a taste of what a reception day looks like with outdoor play, activities, snack time and the meeting of the  many new adults who help care and look after them.

Have a look at the many photo’s that we took throughout the sessions. Can you spot your child?

The children showed a “give it a go” attitude and demonstrated friendly behaviour towards their new classmates.

The weather was kind and it was lovely to see how much the children enjoyed playing in the Outdoor Area exploring their new toys.

Mrs. Moore and Mrs Mills was so pleased at the trust and friendship the children showed towards them. The children obviously felt safe and secure.

Welcome to the Class of 2017-2018



Come and join us as the new Reception Class start their journey at Westwood Primary School.

Pirates & Farewells

Welcome back to Reception Class

This week we had a fabulous Pirate Extravaganza and welcomed in lots of families to see the children perform their pirate song, take part in lots of activities and especially fun was getting both Mr Masson & Mrs Martin to walk the plank…

Thank you to all families who attended, we hope you had a fantastic morning!

We have had a fabulous year with our very lovely reception class, and will miss the children very much as they go up to Year 1.


Science Day

For reception assembly we are learning Come Sail Away With Me, by Patty Shukla.

We have included the link to the YouTube video so your child can practice at home,. they may even show you some of the actions we have be practising…

On Thursday Reception Class hosted the nature section of Science day for the whole school, children took it in turn to visit different classes around the school to learn different aspects, from materials, and sounds, to nature, and mini beasts.
Mr Masson even had a mini zoo with lots of exciting animals!

The children had a fabulous day, and if you look on the events page you will see your child visiting each class.

Here we have added some pictures of reception children in their different groups when they visited Mrs Mills and the Nature Section, even using iPads to detect which leaves they were looking at!

Balance Bikes

This week in Reception Class we had a further balance bike session. The children have come on so well and have really advanced in their skills.


Art & Sport

Welcome back to Reception Class Blog

This week we have been active and arty!!

As you will know we went up to Clayton Green Leisure Centre where the children had a fantastic time running, jumping, and playing on all the equipment.

We took lots of photos and you will see even the teachers had a quick go on the bouncy castle, we promise it only lasted a few seconds…

The class have been busy drawing pirates and we have some lovely colourful pictures, as you will know already.

In the first week of July we are holding an art exhibition where you will have the opportunity to purchase a framed picture your budding artist has done themselves.

Can you tell which one belongs to your child, from the pictures below?

Underwater Street Class Trip

Welcome Back to Reception Class Blog

This week the VERY excited children headed off to the children’s discovery centre, Underwater Street, in Liverpool.

They had a fantastic day and explored Science, Construction, and Art, as you can imagine, they had a thoroughly wonderful time.

Have a look through the slideshows below to see all the fabulous pictures we took to share with you.


Art Day

 Welcome back to Reception Class


Art Day

Today we have been finishing our art for the Art Exhibition coming to school soon. Keep your eye out for the date of the event where you can view and buy your child’s artwork. They have worked really hard and made some absolutely fantastic pictures.

Story Acting

Welcome back to Reception Class

Can you tell which story we have been acting out this week?

Have a look at the slides below, if you still can’t tell, scroll a little further down and see some of the children’s stories.


huge high 5 to Jacob

For teaching us all about the body this week too! His knowledge of the body is outstanding, so he brought his favourite book in to share with us…

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